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Almost ready to plant...

Posted 5/9/2011 1:40pm by Jacob and Katie Mullane-Bach.

Yep, it's been one wet spring, but merciful May has brought us plenty of sun to dry the fields. There's always the temptation to start working up fields too early to get an early start on growing, but it actually does more harm than good.  Nutrients are lost when fields are plowed when still wet, the soil is compacted and the soil drains more slowly.  We chisel plowed our first field yesterday and went over that area again today with a shallow rotovasion of an inch or two to create a level seeding area. Before those steps though, the fields are prepared in other ways. Depending on the fields' needs, aged manure or compost is spread onto the fields.  In our case, because we are working up new land that previously served as grazing ground for horses, we needed to shallowing work up the top three inches of sod and flip it over so their roots would dry out in the sun and lessen our weed pressure which is typical of first year growing soil.     

Difficult for most to believe but Forrest is swimming in pure earthy gold. That little pile of compost cost over $3,000.  The contents of that compost are formulated specifically to our soil's needs. We're extremely excited for our first growing season with really nutrient-balanced soil. (Pictured left).  The picture to the right is intern Persephone heading out to spread yet another load of manure on the fields. We had major pressure to get the fields manure spread and the top sod flipped before more possible rains came, and with Persephone's help we were able to get it accomplished. THANK YOU Persephone!