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Early Spring brings Early Dry Fields for Early Planting

Posted 4/15/2010 5:56pm by Jacob and Katie .

Last year we had to wait until mid-May before we were able loosen soil for seeding and transplanting.  Surprise! This year we were able to do it at March’s end in many parts of the field. It’s really humbling realizing how much of our lives are governed by an unforeseen weather pattern that awaits us. This isn’t hydroponics; we have little control over the many external growing conditions for our plants. It’s interesting from an organizational and managerial standpoint in that we might anticipate having a block of time for accomplishing a task, say seeding, but if appropriate weather or a combination of weather patterns greet us that deplore other needs, then we must seize the day and push back prior tasks, obligations, commitments, friendships…sorry to everyone we suddenly stopped corresponding with…Anyways, we’ve got a lot going in the fields, already setting pace for the June 1st start-date we’re happily awaiting.  More spinach, carrots, arugula, salad mix, lettuce, radishes, peas, kale, swiss chard, and Chinese cabbage have been seeded and transplanted.