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Green Spring

Posted 5/9/2011 12:10pm by Jacob and Katie Mullane-Bach.

It's been a BUSY 4 months since we've moved into our farm in early January.  Jacob has been constructing and establishing infrastructure while I've been taking care of the plants. The health and vigor of the plants has been wonderful thus far.

Along with a few lettuces we have in the ground, this plastic hoop houses cold-hardy and well established seedlings that were started in the germinating hoophouse beginning in February.


This is the germinating hoophouse. These two benches have a plastic skirt along their perimeter along with platic that goes over top the hoops for added protection from night time cold. Additionally, when temperatures dip below freezing, we have propane tanks underneath the benches to create a temprary greenhouse.


These celery seedlings look gorgeous lined on the bench.


Tomatoes galore! All so healhty!!

This is the hoophouse that is 150 foot long. A series of hoops keeps the light weight, light penetrating row cover from touching the tops of the plants. Lots of green under those tunnels as well!