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Heavenly Spring Day

Posted 4/10/2011 9:20pm by Jacob and Katie Mullane-Bach.

So peaceful went the day. This beautiful weather of mid-seventies with breezy, humids fluff of air flowed with us as work shares Kevin and Toni helped us with farm projects. Toni and I, along with our helpers Forrest and Toni & Kevin's daughter, Scarlett, transplanted tomatoes into larger pots, while Jacob and Kevin put the frame up for the 4th tunnel to go up on our new property. Along with the surreal beauty of the weather we received the good fortune of two bald eagle circling low directly overhead for a solid few minutes. Everyone was enchanted.  Beyond high tunnels and transplanting a lot of field prep was accomplished with our soils drying up a bit, seedling flats rotated from germination high tunnel to transitional high tunnel, and kohlrabi flats seeded.  Everyone was so busy working and playing that we never stopped to eat until late evening.  Fruit was munched on along the way, of course. Forrest approached me at one point later in the evening with both his hands full and a triumphant look on his face. In one hand was a dead painted turtle he'd found and in the other a live fish he had caught with his bare hands. The fish was dead by this point, which brought about a dissolved oxygen learning opportunity.  Later with a bucket in hand he caught more minnows, and with great excitement he brought over a frog that he'd caught. "I'm going to go let him go back in the pond so he can live," he said as we began to make his way down the steps of the front deck. About two steps into his decent he tripped over the bucket and fell head first down the remaining few  steps. He's lived a life of good balance and, thankfully, I've witnessed very few falls. This one didn't look too serious - a shoulder to stair direct hit and a ground tumble, but I didn't know what his reaction would be. There wasn't one. When he hit the ground he leapt towards the frog that had been in the bucket frantically searching it out and asking if it was ok. "Are you OK frog? Let me get you so I can take you back home." He was off before I had the chance to ask if HE was OK. This is a family and a life that I love.