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High Tunnels (hoophouses) go Up Once Again…

Posted 3/8/2011 2:07pm by Jacob and Katie Mullane-Bach.

High Tunnels are structures that look and behave like greenhouses. The difference,
however, is that high tunnels only use the sun for a heat source. They’re great for
extending the growing season in Michigan and even allow for winter harvest of greens.
This year we’ll be focusing on early greens, which will be for sale through the farmers
market and through the website’s Farm Store with distribution at Katie’s mom’s house in
Grand Blanc.

While interning at an organic farm in Pennsylvania four years back, we had our first
experience putting up high tunnels when we helped a neighboring farmer put one up.
With five adults helping, just putting the frame up took the majority of the day. Since
then, we (mostly Jacob) have repeated that process 7 more times as high tunnels were put
up and brought done from three different properties. Now that we’re property owners,
we’re hoping this is the last time we’ll be moving the structures. Jacob practically has the
process down to a science. He’s able to put the frame up all by himself in an afternoon.
Building the end walls (the frames for the door and vents) and securing the plastic is
another couple of days project.  Two high tunnels are already up on our new property and three more will be added.