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Pond Perfection sets the Tone for the Future of our Farm

Posted 3/8/2011 2:15pm by Jacob and Katie Mullane-Bach.

The landscape out our front window has undergone a major change throughout the
past week as Scott Schlicht and crew from Pondperfection.com used an excavator and
bulldozer to push, pile and mold Earth into our business’s needs. Top soil was set aside
to later be spread of the fields, rocky soil was laid flat and made into a much needed
road between driveway and field and the remainder of soil was carefully piled around
the layout of our future root cellar. We are extremely happy with the results and the
precision work of Scott and his crew. We extend a huge thank you to everyone who
worked on that project.

As CSA members from last year are already aware, our little pocket of growing space on
Earth was repeatedly side-stepped when dark, luminous clouds seemingly promised much
needed rain. The energy needed to creatively maintain adequate water supply to field
crops drained us and stressed the immunity and health of field crops and farmers alike.
We knew that a dependable, accessible water supply for our future land was an absolute
must. Ponds are much more ecologically and economically friendly than using ground
water to irrigate. Large monoculture operations pump water up from aquifers at a rate
greater than the water can be recharged. Even though a 150’ x 50’ pond already existed
on the new property, low water levels evidenced throughout last year’s dry season.
Even though we will be using drip irrigation on the fields to conserve as much water as
possible, a larger pond was needed to absolutely ensure quality vegetables for the season.
The pond is now twice as large and much deeper.

 Below is the layout for the root cellar. The ground is all really level on the property, so instead of digging into Earth in search of cool, dry space, we're having to dig Earth up and over.