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Tomato Grafting Update

Posted 4/15/2010 6:13pm by Jacob and Katie .

Earlier, we blogged about the tomato grafting experiment a few days after the initial surgery with some good explanatory pics.  http://www.naturespaceorganics.com/blog/5080   Sadly, the grafted tomatoes took a turn for the worst about two days after the blog was written.  Upon researching as to a possible cause of death, though an obvious major factor was us not keeping their leaves misted enough (hydrated) to keep up with the high temps, we learned that a different style of grafting could have been more appropriate at that stage in the tomatoes growth.  I, Katie’s, initial reaction was a twinge of a feeling of failure, but I quickly let those feelings pass. I used to be all theory and had a hard time putting anything into action for fear of not achieving perfection, but Rusty, the farm owner at the first farm we interned at, once told me that if I wasn’t making mistakes in life it was because I wasn’t doing anything.  I’ve had to relearn to be a child and feel unabashed with experimentation. It’s not always the outcome or product that’s important, but rather what is learned in the process.  Jacob, the eternal optimist, didn’t waste a second dwelling in what could have been, and instead found the seed packet for the grafting tomato variety, Maxifort, and began reseeding to try again if a few weeks.  We’ll keep you updated on our second trial.