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  • Get the Best C4 Tacoma Bumper for Your 3rd Gen Tacoma (2016-2023)

    by Ryan Horton September 27, 2023 6 min read 1 Comment

    Are you in the market for a new bumper to give your 3rd Gen Tacoma (2016-2023) an upgrade? The C4 Fabrication Hybrid Front Bumper is just what you need! It not only adds style and flair, but also provides greater functionality with its lightweight design. Plus, it has LED light bar cutouts and light pod cutouts as well as an integrated winch mount - giving you the capability to recover your friends who get stuck.

    In this post, we will walk through all of the features and benefits that come with this hybrid front bumper: from its superior craftsmanship to its unique capabilities. Everything about this product speaks quality. We’ll even showcase some extra accessories that can be added to increase its overall functionality. Don’t hesitate any longer– take advantage of these upgrades now so your truck can become every bit ready to take on the toughest trails.

    Key Takeaways

    • C4 Fabrication Hybrid Front Bumper offers protection, style and functionality with a lightweight design, cutouts for lights bars and light pods and an integrated winch mount.

    • Multiple Protection/Bull Bar Options available including no bull bar, mid-height bull bar or full height for maximum protection.

    C4 Fabrication Hybrid Front Bumper: Features and Benefits

    C4 Fabrication Hybrid Front Bumper on a Toyota Tacoma

    The C4 Fabrication Hybrid Front Bumper is the perfect option for 3rd Gen Tacoma owners who need both protection and style. Its lightweight design ensures there is no excessive weight added to your ride while its hybrid construction featuring steel plate and tubing provides maximum strength. It comes with light bar cutouts compatible with 30 inch single row led lights from brands like Baja Designs as well as welded tabs for up to 4 Squadron S2 Lights, ensuring you can adventure in any condition day or night. Plus, this bumper boasts an integrated winch mount that makes accessing 8k-10k winches easy and secure. We recommend WARN synthetic line winches!

    Lightweight Hybrid Design

    The C4 Fabrication Hybrid Front Bumper for the 2016-2023 Tacoma is a lightweight option for your Tacoma, weighing 115lbs without the top tubing and 125 lbs. with it. This design provides strong protection as well as excellent maneuverability thanks to its tube and plate construction. Installation is made even simpler by the compatibility of this bumper with optional frame support brackets. The hybrid front bumper strikes an ideal balance between strength, weight reduction and overall safety making it the perfect choice for any driver who values these aspects.

    Light Bar and Light Pod Cutouts

    The C4 Fabrication Hybrid Front Bumper is a convenient choice for your off-roading needs and can accommodate various lighting options including up to 4 Baja Designs Squadron lights with the included mounting tabs. Not only that but you are also given flexibility when considering light bars like the Extreme LED 30 inch 5D series, RIGID SR Series, or Baja Designs S8. Most 30 inch single row light will work, but the bumper was specifically designed for the Baja Designs S8 30 inch LED Light Bar. The fog lights ensure added visibility no matter what time you go on an adventure, day or night!

    C4 Fabrication Tacoma Hybrid Front Bumper with Amber Lights

    Integrated Winch Mount

    The C4 Fab Hybrid Bumper has several features, including an integrated winch mount that is compatible with most 8k-10k winches. Common synthetic rope models include the Smittybilt X20, WARN Winches and other models with the ability to relocate the electrical control box. The cutouts on either side of the winch cradle allow easy winch lever access. Please note that integrated control box winches may require some trimming of the grille support brackets.

    It is recommended to also mount fairlead to the included recessed fairlead mounting plate and if a license plate is required in your state, the optional hawse license plate mount works great.

    Multiple Protection/Bull Bar Options

    C4 Fabrication Hybrid Front Bumper Bull Bar Options

    The C4 Fabrication Hybrid Front Bumper offers a range of features for your Tacoma that combine protection and style. It is able to work with fiberglass fenders while allowing you the choice between no bull bar, mid-height bull bar or full-height versions. Each giving different levels of defense as well as their own unique look.

    Regardless of the protection you desire, rest assured that all options provide added clearance and much greater protection over the stock Tacoma bumper.

    No Bull Bar

    For those who want a more sleek, stylish look for their Toyota Tacoma without compromising protection, the no bull bar option is ideal. C4 Fabrication’s Hybrid Front Bumper provides this simplified solution while retaining its strength and durability features. The reduced weight and lower cost make it appealing to choose this option over a classic bull bar set up. Ultimately, those looking for style combined with security will appreciate what the hybrid front bumper has to offer in terms of form and function.

    Mid-Height Bull Bar

    Mid-height bull bars are a popular selection for off-roaders due to the additional safety they provide and protection offered for the bottom half of your grill. It is important to bear in mind that this particular style of bull bar will not work with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS), so if you own one that has TSS then other options need considering or modifications may be needed to accommodate it.

    The mid height variety nonetheless still offers more protection than normal along with accessory mounting capacity which makes them alluring for Tacoma drivers regardless of any existing limitations due its compatibility issues regarding TSS technology integration. When choosing what’s right for you taking into account these pros & cons becomes essential.

    Full Height Bull Bar

    A full-height bull bar provides superior protection for the front end of your Tacoma and more protection than the previously discussed bull bar options. This heavy-duty steel structure is built to repel impacts from road hazards or things found on the trail, giving you peace of mind while off-roading. Besides safeguarding your vehicle, this type of bull bar also gives it a bold look and additional attachment points. If maximum protection with an edgy style is what you’re aiming for, then the full height option should be considered above all else!

    Installing the C4 Hybrid Tacoma Front Bumper

    The installation of the C4 Fabrication Hybrid Front Bumper requires trimming, but if you follow the C4 Fab installation video you shouldn't have any trouble. Though simple enough that DIY’ers can handle it, if you don't feel comfortable, we suggest having an installation shop complete the job.


    To sum everything up, the C4 Fabrication Hybrid Front Bumper is an ideal upgrade for any 3rd Gen Tacoma (2016-2023). Its lightweight and hybrid design brings great versatility with its multiple lighting mounts plus integrated winch mount. You have a selection of protection/bull bar options to personalize your Tacoma depending on what aesthetics or level of defense that best fits you. While the bumper ships bare steel, we do recommend you seek out powder coating services and get the bumper powder coated to prevent any rust or corrosion.

    Why wait? Don’t hesitate in investing in this durable bumper to turn your truck into an unstoppable off-road beast – enhancing both security and style! With the most reliable C4 Taco Bumper out there, set forth boldly knowing that whatever comes ahead will be met with readiness.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a C4 Tacoma bumper weigh?

    The weight of a C4 Tacoma bumper depends on the particular model and configuration. For the C4 Tacoma Hybrid Bumper the weight is 115 lbs. and goes up slightly from there when grill protection is added.

    What is a hybrid bumper?

    A hybrid bumper is the ideal compromise between being lightweight and maintaining sturdiness, enabling mounting for a winch, as well as a light bar in its center with fog lights situated on either side. This blend of qualities offers superb strength while still keeping things lighter than a full plate bumper, making it suitable to meet any offroading demands you may have!

    What is the weight of the C4 Fabrication Hybrid Front Bumper?

    At 115lbs without the top tubing and 125lbs with it, the C4 Fabrication Hybrid Front Bumper is quite a formidable bumper. This hybrid front bumper from C4 fabrication has been designed for strength and performance while still maintaining a manageable weight, making it an ideal choice for Tacoma owners.

    Is the C4 Fabrication Hybrid Front Bumper compatible with Toyota Safety Sense?

    The C4 Fabrication Hybrid Front Bumper will work with TSS with the exception of the mid-height bull bar option.

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    December 20, 2023

    Will it interfere with adaptive cruise control?

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