Farm for Sale


  • 1,000 ft off the road; private and secure 
  • 24x30 cedar log 900 sq ft. (built 1988)       
  • Wrap around deck (built in 2020)   
  • 3 bedroom, 1 bath 
  • Pergo wáter-resistant flooring, cedar hardwood, and linoleum in the bathroom 
  • Fieldstone Fireplace 
  • 9 ft high basement ceilings 
  • Woodstove heats the house with a propane furnace as a back-up 
  • Raised, field stone kitchen garden directly in front of house



  • Large pond fed by the artesian well
    • Stocked with blue gill and bass and fancied with beach sand and bonfire on the east side for evening west side sunset enjoyment 
  • Smaller pond in back that dwindles to roughly 40’ x 40’ and snow melts into 60x60 
  • 25 semi-dwarf fruit trees planted in 2011. Apples, peach, cherry, pear and plums 
  • Also, Figs, olives, strawberries, blueberries, honeyberries, seaberries, raspberries, and a quarter acre asparagus patch
  • 10 acres tiled land with tiling every 18 feet
    • The tiled land is divided into four quadrants with a valve for each section so isolated areas of the farm can be drained at will
      • Allows for fields to hold moisture if so desired (droughts)
    • Drained water is pumped from a cistern in the pump house into the pond
  • Artesian well
    • Flows at about 3 gallon/minute most of the year
    • Usually it stops flowing for a month or two in the summer
    • The water comes from a depth of 237 ft.


  • 30x40 Pole Barn
    • New roof (2020)
    • 220v electric, water, crushed concrete floor, and two lean-tos     
  • 500 sq ft Decagonal Custom-Built House
    • New roof (2021)
    • 5 rooms, electric, water and heat
  • 20x16 insulated storage building with three attached lean-tos
  • 12x12 Insulated washing room attached to greenhouse
    • Heated, radiant concrete floor, electric, and hydrant 
  • 40 ft Shipping Container-turned Root Cellar and storage        
  • Semi -trailer–turned Root Cellar
    • Electric, climate control, cement flooring with radiant floor tubing installed 
  • 50x18 Pavilion with electric and water hook-up      
  • 8x15 Walk-in Cooler
  • 12x17 Pump house sits over drain tile cistern and houses 175 gallon compost tea tank and a microscope room for microbial analysis
    • Serves as irrigation headquarters for the farm
      • Pumps pond water on the fields through drip lines or overhead irrigation
      • Sends compost tea through drip lines to anywhere in the field or hoophouses 
      • Pumps field-drained water from the cistern into the pond 
  • three sided 125 sq ft animal shelter inside 200x50 permanent fenced in pasture

Hoophouses and greenhouses   

  • 20x48 Propagation house. Has two long benches with propane heaters
  • 15x48 Greenhouse 
    • Concrete, radiant heated 8x40 plant bench and propane furnace 
  • 32x100 Greenhouse 2
    • 250,000 BTU propane furnace
  • 30x75 Hoophouse 1         
  • 20x148 Hoophouse 2         
  • 30x150 Hoophouse 3        
  • 72x300 Three season Haygrove tunnel
    • All hoophouses have:
      • Frost-free hydrants for water source from the well
      • Separate set of hydrants that connect to the pond for irrigation
      • Circulation fans, roll up sides, roll up steel doors
      • 220v Electricity 

Aerial picture of farm taken in 2012 


Pic taken from roof of house.


Fireplace in the living room.











 View opposite the fireplace (left).   Bathroom (right).


Master Bedroom.


2nd Bedroom.


Loft/third Bedroom.


Opposite side of loft/3rd bedroom.


View from the loft.


And a different angle...


View when walking in side entrance.


The kitchen.


Pond view out the kitchen window.


Front pond.


Each night a new reflection.


Plenty of Reflections in the daytime as well.


Previous pond pictures were taken from the East side. This pic is taken from the Southwest corner.


The decagonal (10-sided) house.


 Inside the "Deca"


Barn. New roof in 2021.


 Back orchard.




Peach tree behind the house; the first place the kids walked to leaving the house in July 2017.


Ripened cherries from 2019


Harvesting Wine Cap mushrooms in one of the orchards.


 Propagation hoophouse in front and 30x75 hoophouse behind it.


 View from the Deca.


30 x 150 hoophouse in December


30x100 Greenhouse in December.



This is an inside view of the propagation house in an early March before we had a second propagation house. This house has propane burners under the benches and plastic rolls down over the hoops on the bench to create a mini-greenhouse effect. 


Plants started inside the 15x48 Inflated, double plastic greenhouse with concrete, radiant heated 8x40 plant bench. Propane furnace, electricity and water hydrant.


 Same greenhouse pictured above. 


12x12 Insulated packout for winter washing with heated radiant concrete floor, electric, and hydrant is the structure seen to the back center of picture. A lean-to comes off its north side. The packout door also serves to the entrance of the greenhouse, which works great for winter mircrogreen harvest. The tender micros never need to be exposed to the chill before their washing station. The wash/pack room is separated from the greenhouse with an interior door. 


Inside the pavilion. Door to the cooler seen behind.


Harvest day pavilion shot.


Sheep seeking the shade. Besides two cats there are no longer animals on the property. 


Pump house behind a dew covered cover crop of rye.



 Potatoes! View from road. 



 Video of pumphouse: