Farm for Sale

Over the past eight years we’ve risen with the sun shining through the back woods, and we’ve said good-bye to each day a different color sky and water to our west, the pond as reflective as our thoughts. Countless forts were built in those back woods, our children partly turned fish in that front pond, and our daughter birthed in this cozy, log cabin, but our family is as dynamic and changing as the farm that surrounds us. Now, with Spring’s thaw and Soil’s sweet smell of renewal, we offer the farm and our home for sale.

20 acres of beautiful land with silty loam growing soil, hoophouses, greenhouses and other buildings, ponds and an artesian well.

The farm is mostly open land, but is surrounded on all sides with woods and has no visible neighbors.

The 24x30 cedar true log cabin sits about 1,000 feet off the road. It’s 900 sq ft. The basement is not included in that sq footage and has a 9 foot high ceiling. A Vermont Casting Defiant woodstove is in the basement and has exclusively heated the whole house for all our winters here. Warm floors = warm feet : -)  Wood is thrown down through the basement window making for easy transport.  A stone fireplace in the living room, that typical warm, beautiful true log cabin A-frame feel and look, and nice views out the windows all add to the magical feel here.

Landscaped, field stone kitchen garden in front of house.

8x15 masonry stone worm composting bin

Pole barn 30x40 220 electric, water and crushed concrete floor.  It has functioned as the farm work shop and repair center.  There are two large lean-tos off the barn wall for extra equipment storage and garlic drying rafters. 

10 acres tiled land with tiling every 18 feet.  The tiled land is divided into four quadrants with a valve for each section so isolated areas of the farm can be drained at will.  This benefit allows for fields to hold moisture if so desired, which has been beneficial during times of drought or when growing specific crops on specified quadrants that necessitate more or less moisture. Drained water is pumped from a cistern in the pump house into the pond.  

12x17 Pump house sits over drain tile cistern and houses 175 gallon compost tea tank and a microscope room for microbial analysis. The Pump house also serves as irrigation headquarters for the farm. From here, a flick of a switch pumps pond water on the fields through drip lines or overhead irrigation. A different switch sends compost tea through drip lines to anywhere in the field or hoophouses. Another switch pumps field drained water from the cistern into the pond.

Artesian well that flows at about 3 gallon/minute most of the year. We’ve lived here since 2010 and it’s only flowed all twelve months two of the years. Usually it stops flowing for a month or two in the summer, but never more than that. The water comes from a depth of 237 ft.

Large pond fed by the artesian well. Stocked with blue gill and bass and fancied with beach sand and bonfire on the east side for evening west side sunset enjoyment.

Smaller pond in back that dwindles to roughly 40’ x 40’ and snow melts into 60x60

200x50 permanent fenced in pasture with three sided 125 sq ft animal shelter

50x18 Pavilion/Pack-out Place with electric and water hook-up.  The 300 gallon stainless steel tub for washing veggies/greens drains its water into the pond.   A triple bottom stainless steel sink is also in that space and used for veggie wash up.

12x12 Insulated Packout for winter washing with heated radiant concrete floor, electric, and hydrant.

8x15 Walk-in Cooler outfitted with cool-bot technology. It's located under the pavilion.

20x16 Cooler/winter storage building made with 10’’ thick structurally insulated panels (SIP).  We call this The SQUOT. The SQU stands for Squash, the O for Onions, and T for Tomatoes. This dry location is the where we store those particular crops after harvest as well as market packaging supplies. Three lean-tos are attached that serve as hand tool sheds and small tractor shelters.

Shipping Container-turned Root Cellar and storage. Insulated with straw bales.

Semi -trailer–turned Root Cellar with electric hook up, climate control, cement flooring with radiant floor tubing installed.  

72x300 (½ acre) three season Haygrove tunnel with extra structural reinforcements and underground irrigation connection to the pump house. This large space provides extra season extension and tomato blight control along with ample space for large scale ginger and sweet potato growing.  

20x48 Propagation house. Has two long benches with propane heaters. Water hydrant in house.  Roll up steel doors.

15x48 Inflated, double plastic greenhouse with concrete, radiant heated 8x40 plant bench. Propane furnance, electricity and hydrant.

32x100 Inflated, double plastic greenhouse with 250,000 BTU propane furnace, circulation fans, electric and hydrant. Roll up sides and roll up steel doors.

30x75 Inflated double plastic hoophouse with circulation fans, roll up sides, roll up steel doors, electric, and hydrant. 

20x148 hoophouse with roll up sides and roll up steel doors, electric, hydrant. 30x150 Inlated, double plastic hoophouse, circulation fans inflated, roll up sides, roll up steel doors, electricity and hydrant.

~30 semi-dwarf fruit trees planted in 2011. Apples, peach, cherry, pear and plums

Various perennial fruits                

18 blueberry bushes                

3 70’ rows of Raspberries

¼ acre asparagus patch

1/8 acre of wine cap mushrooms in woodchip mulch that covers one of the orchards that is interspersed with blueberries, honeyberries, and seaberries

20x120 Hugelkultur bed


Pictures to come of the listings above. In the meantime, check out the website and blog for images of the farm.