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Member shall have the right to temporarily freeze his/her membership (“Membership Freeze”) twice per twelve (12) month period and for a consecutive period of not greater than 180 days (6 months), but in no event less than 30 days (1 month) (“Freeze Period”). Freeze Periods may not be consecutive. Member must first provide thirty (30) days advance written notice to the Club from the first calendar day of the month and will be required to pay a $15.00 “Freeze Fee” for each month during the Freeze Period. At the time of request, Member must be in good standing and current with his/her Dues. No further Dues will be collected by the Club during the Freeze Period and Member’s right to use the Club’s facilities will be frozen or suspended, so Member may be denied access to the facilities during this time. Membership shall reactive and Dues charges will automatically resume at the end of the Freeze Period. Member will not be charged a new Initiation Fee.

Disability Hold. If by reason of disability Member is unable to use the Club’s facilities as provided herein, he/she may place his/her membership on immediate “Hold” at no additional charge. As used herein, the term “disability” means a condition that precludes Member from physically using the Club’s facilities as verified in writing by a medical professional.

Active Military Hold. If Member is an active member of the United Stated Armed Forces and is required by Order to travel outside of the San Diego area for a period of one month or greater, Member shall have the right to place his/her membership on immediate Hold at no additional charge during the duration of deployment or transfer, upon the production of said Order. All charges shall automatically resume at the end of the specified time.


After expiration of the Initial 5-Day Cancellation Policy, Member may cancel this Agreement at any time upon thirty (30) days advance written notice to the Club. To cancel this Agreement, Member must complete and sign the Club’s Cancellation Form and include his/her membership identification number as well as the reason for canceling. Notice will have been deemed to be given from the date the cancellation request was received by the Club. Per our 30 day cancellation policy, your account will be billed one final time, thereby allowing Member access to and use of the Club’s facilities through the current and following month. If Member’s cancellation request is made during his/her Freeze Period, or while his/her membership is on Hold, Member understands and agrees that he/she will be charged the full Monthly Dues for the month in which the cancellation request was received by the Club and for the following month. Any other outstanding fees/charges associated with the membership shall be paid in accordance with payment of Monthly Dues. Cancellation of Member’s electronic payment shall not constitute cancellation of this Agreement. 

Freeze/Cancel Membership