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  • Prinsu Roof Rack - Full Length Non-Drill | Toyota 4Runner (2010-2023)

    • The Prinsu Roof Rack 4Runner is a fully modular Roof Rack designed to increase your 4Runner's carrying capacity while also increasing its overall functionality.
    • Designed exclusively to fit the 5th Gen 4runner. The non-drill Prinsu Roof Rack full-length design allows the Prinsu Rack to be installed to factory mounting points. All assembly hardware is included.
    • Constructed from aluminum, the Prinsu 4Runner Roof Rack is built to withstand harsh weather conditions and will support heavy loads.
    • Like most Prinsu Racks, the 4Runner Prinsu Roof Rack is a perfect platform for mounting a Roof Top Tent or other Prinsu Accessories such as the functional Prinsu MAXTRAX Mounts.
    • This Roof Rack is designed, engineered, and made in the U.S.A.

    The Original Prinsu Roof Rack is considered to be one of the top 5th Gen 4Runner full-length 4Runner Roof Racks on the market and offers numerous solutions increasing cargo security and also offers the ability to mount other accessories. It is a fully modular Rack designed for off-road adventures. It can be customized to fit your exact needs. The Roof Rack will add unmatched functionality to your Toyota 4Runner and exhibits quality craftsmanship.

    The Roof Racks completely modular design allows you to set up the Roof Rack to best fit your needs. This full-length Roof Rack is compatible with all Prinsu mounting accessories including the Universal MAXTRAX Mount (works with MAXTRAX Mounting Pins) and Quick Release Awning Brackets.

    Prinsu Roof Rack 4Runner with Rooftop Tent

    In terms of construction, Prinsu manufactures their Prinsu Roof Racks with top of the line materials. The side plates are constructed out of 3/16 inch aluminum while the front wind deflector is constructed out of 1/8 inch aluminum. The aluminum construction allows the Rack to be extremely strong while keeping the overall weight down. 2x1 inch cross bars are included along with all the necessary mounting hardware. Every order comes with the Noise Reducing Edge Trim designed to be installed on the bottom of the front wind deflector to prevent wind noise. A light bar mount is optional for Racks with a 40 inch cutout deflector.

    All Prinsu Rack systems come with a black powder coat finish. Optional Prinsu Shield Plates can be added as well as a unique powder coat color. To enhance the look of your Prinsu Rack, Prinsu offers a wind deflector decal.

    Note: Optional Light Bar is a 42 Inch Cali Raised LED Light Bar that has been designed to work with this Prinsu Roof Rack.

    Prinsu Rack on top of a white 4Runner driving in the snow - Truck Brigade


    What is a Prinsu Roof Rack for a 4Runner? The 5th Gen 4Runner Roof Rack is a fully modular Roof Rack designed to increase the functionality of your 4Runner. It works perfect for mounting accessories and gear including a Roof Top Tent.

    How much weight can a 4Runner Prinsu Rack hold? The Prinsu 4Runner Rack can support 600-800 pounds (static load capacity) and 300-400 pounds (dynamic load limit). Prinsu Racks have been field tested with Roof Top Tents and numerous accessories.

    How much height does the Prinsu Rack add to my vehicle?The Prinsu Roof Rack features a low-profile design and only adds about 1.75 inches to the overall height of your 4Runner.

    Prinsu Roof Rack 4Runner dimensions

    Does a Prinsu 4Runner Rack affect mileage? This depends on your driving style, what you have mounted on the Roof Rack, among numerous other factors. If you just have the Roof Rack mounted on your vehicle you can expect the MPG to not change much at all. With accessories mounted such as a Roof Top Tent you will notice some small changes to your overall MPG.

    How many crossbars come on the Prinsu 4Runner Full-Length Rack? The Prinsu 4Runner Rack will come with 9 total powder coated black 2x1 crossbars, 1 black 1x1 inch crossbar, and 1 unfinished crossbar. The one cross bar (unfinished) is designed to be installed out of sight behind the wind deflector.

    How much wind noise does the 4Runner Prinsu Rack generate? Prinsu Racks are designed to be extremely aerodynamic and prevent wind noise. Thanks to their ultra low-profile design and angled wind deflector with edge trim, the Roof Rack should not generate much noise at all. If it is generating noise there may be an issue with the installation.

    Can I put a Roof Top Tent on my 4Runner Roof Rack? Absolutely! Prinsu Roof Racks are perfect for mounting Roof Top Tents. The t-channel crossbars provide an easy way to secure your tent and we also offer Prinsu Tent Mounts to make the process even easier.

    Will the Prinsu Rack 4Runner work with my sunroof?Absolutely. The Prinsu Full Roof Rack features a modular design and adjustable cross bars. Cross bars can be configured to allow an opening above the Roof Rack. However, it is advised to evenly distribute the cross bars. The sunroof will still function, but you will have some cross bars going across your roof above the sunroof.

    What accessories can I mount on my Prinsu 4Runner Rack? The optional are endless. Some of the popular items are awnings, tool mounts, light bars, and more. Roof Rack mounted products including the functional Prinsu MAXTRAX Mount offer a seamless way to access items such as MAXTRAX.


    • Material: Aluminum
    • Side Plate Material: 3/16 inch high-grade aluminum.
    • Wind Deflector Material: 1/8 inch high-grade aluminum.
    • Cross bar Material: 2x1 inch t-channel aluminum with drop in points.
    • Finish: Black powder coat finish.
    • Fitment: 2010+ Toyota 4Runner,
    • Dimensions (box): 95 x 9 x 8 (inches)
    • Dimensions (installed): 92 inches (front to back); 48 inches (side to side); 1.75 inches (height).
    • Weight: 50 pounds.
    • Static Weight Capacity: 600-800 pounds.
    • Dynamic Weight Capacity: 300-400 pounds.
    • Light Bar: Optional 40 inch light bar (Baja Designs, Rigid Industries, Cali Raised etc.).
    • Installation: Factory mounting points.


    Installation of this 5th Gen (2010+) Toyota 4Runner Prinsu Roof Rack is quite simple and can be completed at home with basic hand tools. This Prinsu Rack is designed to be installed into factory mounting holes and is completely bolt on. The Rack mounts directly to the roof on your 4Runner. The front of the 4Runner does not contain factory mounting holes. Included with the Prinsu Rack will be 3M tape strips used to secure the front of the Roof Rack.

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